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Features to Supercharge Your Productivity

Welcome to Key Planner – the ultimate daily organiser designed to transform the way you approach productivity and organisation. With a powerful array of features tailored to your needs, Key Planner empowers you to take control of your life and unlock your true potential.

Sync Calendars

Easily access your calendars from your phone, Google, or Outlook, ensuring your schedules are always available wherever you go, whenever you need them.

Add Daily Tasks

Here is where your calendar events, appointments, and tasks sync seamlessly.

Elevate your scheduling experience with our Add Task feature, enabling you to effortlessly input meetings and appointments directly into your calendar, complete with specific dates and times. Plus, you can include additional notes to ensure all details are captured effortlessly.

Add Short Term Goals 

Set and track your goals effortlessly with Key Planner. Need motivation? Add an inspiring note to remind yourself why each goal is vital to your success.

Create Habits For Your Goals 

After setting your goals, establish habits, rituals, and routines that align with your objectives to effectively track your progress. Determine whether these habits are daily, weekly, or scheduled for specific dates and times. Assign frequencies to your habit goals and set up reminders to ensure you never miss a step in your journey toward success

Add Daily To Do List

Craft both personal and professional to-do lists effortlessly with Key Planner.

Assign to-dos to specific dates and times to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Prioritise your todo’s by starring them; those marked with a star will automatically move to your top priority list.

Easily manage your top priorities for the day by accessing the star icon, where you’ll find all your most important tasks conveniently located.

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