The Entrepreneurial Odyssey

Embark on my transformative journey—from leaving a stable career in Sydney to crafting success under Jessica Anne International.

Our story unfolds from the vibrant streets of Sydney to the bustling avenues of London, marking a transition from fashion insider to a key figure in brand and marketing.

Success came with a cost, leading to a return to New Zealand and a journey of self-discovery.

The realisation struck—business ownership could turn passion into profits while maintaining balance.

This journey isn’t just about business; it’s a narrative of rediscovering confidence and designing a life with purpose.

Join me in this ongoing chapter of growth and success.
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Freebies To Download

Discover the invaluable resources that have empowered me to crystalise my vision, establish achievable goals, and embark on the journey of creating my dream online business. I am thrilled to share these tools with you, knowing they can greatly benefit your aspirations and endeavours.

Side Hustle Success | Free download 

Unlock your entrepreneurial potential with Side Hustle Mastery. Packed with diverse business models and practical exercises, this guide helps you identify niche markets, craft effective marketing strategies, and manage finances for sustainable growth. Whether you’re after extra income or pursuing your passion full-time, download today. 

2024 The Key Planner For Your Tablet | Free download 

Experience the convenience of a paper planner on your tablet with the Key Planner Digital. Set your vision, goals, and plan your months, weeks, and days seamlessly. This free download streamlines tasks, tracks goals effectively, and prioritises commitments. Compatible with iPad (GoodNotes) or Android (Xodo), it’s your ultimate productivity companion. Download now.

The Start Up CEO Podcast

Embark on a transformative journey with our podcast, where we dive deep into the startup journey of successful business owners.

❤️ Join us as we explore the intersection of personal growth, faith-based resilience, and actionable strategies for startup success.

⭐️ From illuminating interviews with thriving entrepreneurs to empowering discussions on cultivating effective habits and systems, we unravel the secrets to building a powerful online brand from the ground up.

👉🏽 Elevate your entrepreneurial spirit on this inspiring quest toward business mastery.


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