From Passion to Purpose then Profits: My Entrepreneurial Odyssey

In 2009, I traded a well-paid job for the thrill of uncertainty, leaving the fashion industry to chase my dream of entrepreneurship in Sydney.

Embark on my journey, where I transformed my passion into a purpose-driven business, creating The Key Planner under my brand, Jessica Anne International. Started in Whanganui, New Zealand, my venture is all about inspiring individuals to craft lives that truly matter and business ownership is a key vehicle to get there.

Back in 2009, I leapt, leaving behind a thriving fashion career in New Zealand to chase my dream of entrepreneurship. Sydney became my playground as I entered the competitive realm of celebrity fashion styling.

Networking Magic in Sydney

Amidst the glamour of celebrity styling, I discovered the power of strategic networking—a journey that turned a dream into a thriving reality

Networking became my superpower; I strategically connected with hairstylists, photographers, and creatives, forming my dream team and earning credibility in the industry. From red carpets to styling Naomi Campbell, I was living my childhood dream.

Yet, amidst the glitz and glamour, I felt a void. The materialism of the fashion world didn’t align with my core values. The real entrepreneurial journey kicked off in 2014 when I sold my business and headed to London, seeking purpose and international brand-building.

London Calling: A Quest for Purpose

Success came at a cost—overwork and burnout. Returning to New Zealand, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery to find balance and purpose.

Despite the success, I found myself overworked and burned out. Returning to New Zealand in search of balance, I dove into a self-discovery phase.
This led me to realise my purpose: empowering individuals to turn their passion into profits while living a balanced life.

Overworked and Burned Out

The allure of London led me from failed startups to successful people branding, marking the transition from a fashion insider to a key figure in brand and marketing.

London brought diverse experiences, from a failed startup venture to successful people branding for Nike, Harrods, and more.
Recognising my knack for visibility, I shifted to helping others build their people brands.
This marked my evolution from a fashion insider to a prominent figure in brand and marketing.

The Birth of The Key Planner

Merging personal brand training and accountability systems gave life to The Key Planner—a tool empowering thousands worldwide to turn dreams into actionable plans.

The turning point came when I merged my personal brand training and accountability system, birthing The Key Planner. Now in the hands of thousands worldwide, it serves as a high-performance coach, helping individuals gain clarity on their goals and actively schedule actions to achieve them.

Purpose Realised: Empowering Lives

Discovering my purpose led to a paradigm shift—from fashion industry success to a mission of empowering individuals to turn passion into profits.

My story isn’t just about building a brand; it’s about rediscovering confidence, optimising and automating business activities, and empowering others to design lives they love. I invite you to join me in this ongoing chapter of growth, success, and the pursuit of a life well-designed.