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Jessica Anne is the CEO & Founder of IOI Academy and specialises in people packaging, as a personal brand consultant, an international speaker and corporate trainer – bringing the people element to corporate branding. As a client from NIKE described her as an “engaging and empowering trainer, Jessica gave our team the knowledge & confidence in their approach to customers, resulting in an increase in sales from recommendations our staff provided our customers”. 

Over the past 12 years she has worked with politicians, leaders and celebrity clientele such as Naomi Campbell as a fashion stylist on her series “The Face Australia”- as well as brands such as NIKE, Commonwealth Bank, Foxtel Australia, Marks & Spencer, and Queen Mary University to name a few.

Jessica has mastered the art of helping her clients to create visual success and personal impact. After a successful career within the fast paced environment of the fashion styling industry – Jessica now delivers personal branding programs, delivering highly interactive training that provides the delegates with actionable strategies they can apply straightaway and implement within their personal life and professional careers.

She builds rapport quickly and has the ability to create a stimulating and interactive learning environment, which prompts action!

Jessica has become well-known within the Fashion and Beauty industry in particular, and regularly appears on TV. She is most recently known for her roles as a TV presenter and stylist on SkyTV series ‘A different kind of woman’.

Do you know what people say about you, when you leave the room?

You may not realise it, but that is your personal brand!

As an Individual if you are able to tap into it’s potential your personal brand could lead to your next job, promotion, increase your leadership skills, gain greater confidence, raise your profile and visibility most importantly, bring out the authentic YOU!

There’s no greater time then to control and manage your personal brand like an entrepreneur, managing those perceptions and positioning yourself for career and or business success.



Jessica is described as an engaging, empowering and entertaining speaker on the topics of image & branding.

Her keynotes are designed for P2P that’s, people 2 people in a leadership and management roles looking to maximize their personal impact and effectiveness, women in business seeking to increase there profile and gain greater confidence, students and graduates looking to enhance their opportunities in career or business.

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Jessica offers bespoke 1-2-1 consulting to help individuals to achieve their image and branding goals; for career or business success.

This service is available by referral only.

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Jessica is an experienced personal brand consultant and trainer with a passion for inspiring people into peak performance so they become & present the best version of themselves for career & business success.

Jessica delivers on the elements of personal branding; she has worked with many corporate clients delivering bespoke training solutions, contact Jessica to request her training profile.

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  • Jessica is a superb speaker who has become an asset to our in-store fashion events. Exceptionally skilled and really knows her stuff – cannot recommend her enough!

    Katie L – Event Organiser
    Marks & Spencer
  • Jessica is an engaging and empowering trainer, Jessica gave our team the knowledge & confidence in their approach to customers, resulting in an increase in sales from recommendations our staff provided our customers.

    Emma S

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Requiring an engaging & empowering speaker.

Jessica keynotes are designed for P2P that’s, people 2 people in a leadership, management, sales roles & graduates for career events. She focuses on the elements of personal branding and can customise her keynotes to suite your event goals & objectives.



Who want to maximise corporate brand investment, increase sales & engage new clients/partners relations.

Jessica Anne provides training & consulting programs with Walking TALL International LTD; in which we bring the corporate brand personality to life via your people, authentically.



Never has it been more important for an Entrepreneur to brand themselves as a product. Jessica will guide you on creating an authentic brand, executive image, profile & presence in line with your business goals & personal objectives via consulting, workshops and speaking engagements.



Who want to help maximise their students & graduates employability and business success.

As Jessica is a Millennial herself, she can positively relate to the needs of graduates in a corporate environment.

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Based in London, United Kingdom.